Our Story

Based in the UK, we are Tracy and Georgia, the South African mum duo behind Me and Rae. We’ve been friends for close to 10 years and both had babies in 2022 - one beautiful girl and one smiley boy. 

We’ve both learnt many things along the way and we’ve created Me and Rae from our experience as parents. 

We have been on the search for answers to each and every milestone since finding out that we were pregnant. With a passion for home interiors, we simply refused to choose between either functional or stylish family living with products that are only destined to last for a short stage or phase. We found that, more often than not, decor was either aimed at children or adults and there was no in-between. We believe that there certainly can be a crossover - one that is simple, safe and stylish. 

Let us tell you a little more: 

  • Our vision is to share quality, tasteful baby products with the world.
  • Like all parents, we want what’s best for our little ones and that’s why we’re committed to providing the best to our customers. 
  • The quality and safety of our products is exceptionally important to us, which is why we will only work with the very best manufacturers who share the same commitment. We refuse to compromise when it comes to our brand, so we’ve set about stocking and creating products that tick every box. 
  • We believe in leaving the planet in a better place for our children. This is why we are committed to being eco-conscious, while offering captivating designs to meet the needs of busy, modern families. 

Thank you for stopping by and for your continued support - we are truly grateful.